~Reviews for HypnoBirthing Utah County~

Jillian Badger~

“I have a birth that took less than 2.5 hours under my belt thanks to the principles taught in the HypnoBirthing of Utah County classes. As if the short time wasn’t enough, I almost didn’t think I was about to give birth… up until the baby was almost out (and no it wasn’t my first baby). Birth of course is incredible, but comfortable, easy, pain-free, and calm also describes it as well if done with trust in your body and in a relaxing manner –as I always imagined birth could be. Granted, it feels so much better to be able to claim that by experience as well.

Practicing together as a couple as taught in HypnoBirthing is pivotal. You put in what you want to get out of it so it’s a habit; it became so natural to slip into a relaxing state just at the sound of my husband’s voice. (The relaxation techniques can be used as a life skill in general to help everyone relax, even with children.) My husband and I calmly work together during birth to welcome the baby into this world. I won’t birth any other way than HypnoBirthing.”


 Whitney Meek~

“If I could convince EVERYONE, first time moms and dads as well as old pros, to just throw away their preconceived notions/past experiences with birth and take the first HypnoBirthing class, I think the birth = pain paradigm would start to disappear.

Our experience with the HypnoBirthing classes, and Launi specifically, was really, really fantastic. Launi was so caring, answered all sorts of questions, and taught the material in a very relatable way. After we changed OBs twice, Launi even helped us find our midwife, who was as equally wonderful as her.

We initially went into the classes without much of a plan for our birth – maybe I’d go natural, maybe I’d ask for an epidural; for sure we’d go to a hospital. More than anything, the classes gave us confidence in our own instincts, which led us to a completely different experience than we initially expected. But it felt exactly right for us, and that’s what is great about Hypnobirthing: it focuses on providing options and then empowering parents to choose what feels right for them.

We ended up having our sweet baby Theodore at home after a two hour labor. The atmosphere was so peaceful and calm, and even though labor was an intense experience, I felt confident in my ability and the choices we made to avoid medical intervention. I want to tell women everywhere because, to me, this seems like such an easier way – why NOT try it?”


Madeline Wagner~

“This class prepared me so well for my delivery! I knew exactly what to expect and what options I had. Practicing hypnobirth techniques every day leading up to the birth kept both of us calm and excited during the birth. My baby came into this world in SUCH a short time–all the doctors and nurses said it was the shortest delivery they’d ever done for a first time mom. And I know it helped that my body was relaxed thanks to hypnobirthing!”


Yvonne Russell~

“Launi Anderson is a fabulous teacher! I am so grateful we took our HypnoBirthing course 4 years ago because while even though I didn’t end up using hypnotherapy to cope with transitioning during my first child’s birth – I did use it completely with my 2nd child and it totally works! If you condition your subconscious by actually practicing the relaxation techniques then it will work when you need it most!”


Christina Borrowman~

“Launi is our favorite! She genuinely cares about each of her hypnobirthing couples. Her kindness and humor help put everyone at ease. Love her class and the confidence we gained. We just had our 5th hypnobirthing baby and taking her class again helped us have another amazing birth experience. Highly recommend hypnobirthing and Launi!”


Kiki Hatch~

“I am so grateful to have taken hypnobirthing with Launi. For reasons out of our control we had to do a c-section. Even still, the skills I learned were invaluable to me as I underwent the procedure. I HIGHLY recommend this class.”


Marie Mecham~

“Launi really prepares you for natural birth. Takes away fear and replaces it with excitement.”


Emily Manning~

“I cannot even begin to describe the amount of confidence hypnobirthing gave me and my husband as we prepared for childbirth. The material helped me feel so empowered as a woman and helped me understand my role in welcoming a child into the world. Launi is such a great teacher as well!! I highly recommend taking this class from her!”


Melissa Finlayson~

“This class definitely taught my husband and I so much about what to expect when it came to laboring. And how to be be prepared. I wanted an unmediated birth, but I had heard so many scary stories. Launi’s class helped answer each of my questions. Even though I labored for 19 hours plus, it didn’t feel that long. And looking back I can’t believe I did all of that. My mom also attended our labor and she kept saying how she’s attended so many different births and how she’s never seen a father be so involved in helping with labor. This was my first baby and I’m grateful that I had these techniques to labor with. And I will definitely be using them for our other babies.”


Rachel Hansen~

“We decided at the beginning of our pregnancy that we would really like to do our labor and delivery as natural as possible. Hypnobirthing allowed us to keep this goal and have our baby without an epidural or any sort of drug. This was my first baby and the labor was fast and intense. From the time my water broke until the time he was born was only 4 hours and 12 minutes, with back labor the whole time. When I would start to get worried or the pain was really difficult to relax through my husband would start talking to me about relaxing my face or back and immediately I would calm. I used the methods throughout my pregnancy as well when I would be so uncomfortable I couldn’t sleep. I would start thinking about relaxing my toes, then move to my ankles, usually before I hit my stomach I was asleep.
Classes with Launi were fantastic! I felt like she genuinely cared about each couple and their success with Hypnobirthing. She always made time to answer any questions we had one on one. Without a doubt we will be getting a refresher course for baby number 2.”


Kari Grover~

“My husband and I loved this class. I had a lot of fears going into the birthing process. This class has helped me learn techniques to relax and breathe and I feel absolutely ZERO fear for the birth of our little girl. I feel extremely confident that the birth will go beautifully. I am so thankful for this class and the lessons it taught me.”


Nany Manley~

“My husband and I just finished retaking the class with Launi for the second time as we are getting ready to have our second child. We couldn’t get enough of Hypnobirthing during our first child’s birth so we came back for more!! Couldn’t be more happy and now excited to repeat the experience with our little girl! Any day now …”


Jennifer Kastleman~

“My husband and I loved our time with Launi! We only were able to take a couple of her classes (our little guy decided to come a little early), but the material she shared during those classes was so helpful. We stayed after our first class and asked a couple questions and visited with her a little bit. She is very personable and easy to relate to.

We did this for our 2nd child, and although I was lucky enough to have a short labor, it went very smooth, and I was able to relax more than with my 1st, just by applying her techniques. I felt so empowered doing natural childbirth, and my recovery was amazing. I would highly recommend taking her class!”


Mashell Stott~

“I decided I wanted an unmedicated birth during my first trimester. As I talked to my doctor about my different options, she recommended I look into hypnobirthing. She had seen more of her mothers have success with unmedicated births when they were using self-hypnosis. She specifically recommended Launi’s class

Starting with our first class, Launi alleviated many fears I was having. By the end of that meeting I was feeling excited for labor and delivery. With each class I felt more empowered and prepared for an unmedicated birth. I found practicing the self-hypnosis techniques helpful when dealing with third trimester insomnia and other stresses from work and life. It also encouraged my husband to be involved in preparing for labor.

The techniques and information I learned from Launi’s classes helped me through seven plus hours of back labor and helped me make informed decisions concerning my newborn in the hospital. I will highly recommend her class to friends seeking unmedicated births in the future.”


Nicole Fisher~

“This was by far the most eye opening class I have ever been to! My husband was super skeptical when I told him I was considering natural childbirth, I didn’t even know why I wanted to. He didn’t really even want to go to the class, but he came anyway and by the end of the first class everything started to make sense to him. He became my advocate for natural childbirth and ended up enjoying the class.

I would recommend it to anyone, even if you have never considered natural childbirth. I’m not saying you have to give birth without drugs because I believe every woman has the right to birth in whatever manner she feels comfortable, either way, this class is hands down worth it! And the teacher is AWESOME! so there’s that too.”

Malissa De La Cruz~
“This class is very informative for those who are fully ready to take the leap of natural birth AND for those who are not sure and just want to become educated on the labor and postpartum process. My husband and I have learned so much from this class; we feel confident in knowing what is going to happen from the moment we enter the hospital. We also feel that we have control over what happens with our baby while at the hospital. I definitely want to take this class again from Launi in the future while preparing to give birth for the second time.”
Bailey Savage~
“We recommend Launi’s HypnoBirthing class to anyone interested in a natural childbirth. She is very caring, entertaining, and informative. We feel much more prepared after learning and practicing the skills she taught us.”
Sarah Nicole~

“I loved taking this class! It is a great price and you are able to go back for free with your next pregnancy. The instructor is so knowledgable and it feels more like a fun conversation, rather than a class. Whether you end up going natural or not or even having a C section, the things you learn in this class will help you!”


Crystal Gilliam~

“I could not have been happier with my experience in Launi’s hypnobirthing class. After my first traumatic delivery I had a lot of fear when I got pregnant with my second child. Launi helped me get rid of my fear and I was able to have the calm natural birth I always wanted with my second child. Now that I am pregnant with my third I am excited to do it all again! I’ve been practicing the relaxation and breathing tools I learned in class and implemented in my second birth to have another wonderful experience with my third child. I would highly recommend this class!”


Jessica Bartlett~

“This birth class is an awesome way to prepare for the birth of your little one. Launi gives insight that makes sense and stories that help you know what to expect as well as personal advice when you have specific concerns.
So much of what you learn about just feels right and sits more comfortably then what so many of us have believed birth to be. Being knowledgeable about what you want and WHY really gives you a voice and an ability to communicate your wants to your care provider. So many times I had midwives at my doctor’s office applaud me for knowing my stuff and having done my research. It really helps to know what you are talking about!”


Marion Rogers~

“Hypnobirthing is amazing, used this technique with all 4 of my children plus water! Love it! Thanks Launi for teaching this beautiful way to give birth!!”


Rebecca Chamberlain~

“Loved my HypnoBirthing class with Launi! I feel so confident going into childbirth and calm about it all, as opposed to being afraid. This definitely has changed my perspective on birth and the class provided so much helpful information. I feel empowered and positive about my babies upcoming birth.”

Lyndi Thomas~
“I loved the ideas and techniques talk in Launi’s class. She is genuinely concerned about each person that comes into her class. I love the way HypnoBirthing changed my perspective of more than just birth and helped me to be a better person/parent in general.”
Lindsay Douglas~ 

“Hypnobirthing is the best! After having an epidural with my first child and a less desirable birthing experience, I knew I wanted the birth of my second child to be different.
My husband and I enrolled in Launi’s classes and enjoyed every minute. We felt fully prepared when it was time to deliver our new little one. We both went into the hospital completely relaxed and confident that we would have the natural, unmedicated birth we desired.
I had planned to have a hospital waterbirth; however, once I entered the water the midwife discovered I had a fever and uterine infection. I was no longer able to labor or deliver in the water as I hoped. Because I was so relaxed and confident, I knew it would still be okay and that I was prepared to meet whatever turn my birth may take.
I was able to handle each contraction or “surge” beautifully, my husband even thought I was sleeping at times. He was right by my side every minute helping me follow the relaxation techniques we learned in class. I was able to release any fear I had and replace it with confidence.
4 hours after we were admitted to the hospital I gave birth to our second little boy. Not a water birth as planned, but an unmedicated birth as I had hoped. I could not have done it without learning the hypnobirthing concepts and relaxation techniques.
If you want a natural childbirth you need to be prepared. Hypnobirthing is the perfect preparartion. The skills you learn will not only help you in childbirth, but throughout life. My husband and I are full believers in this program and highly recommend it!”

Natalie Robinson~
“Because of what I learned in this class, I went into labor and only felt excitement and giddiness. There was no fear present about what I was about to experience. My husband was educated on how to be a great birthing partner, so together we knew what to expect. My natural birth was empowering and beautiful. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the things I learned, and the relaxation techniques I practiced throughout the pregnancy. This class is a MUST! It will greatly benefit you and your husband!!”
Emily Creighton~

“I’m so glad I found out about hypnobirthing before having my first baby. Overwhelmed with anxiety about giving birth, I searched for a birthing class that could ease my nerves. The methods of hypnobirthing not only allowed me and my baby to experience a peaceful, drug free birth, but it allowed my husband to be a vital part of the process.

I was able to approach giving birth with confidence and trust in my body. I know many women who use hypnobirthing method don’t feel much pain, and while that wasn’t completely the case for me, the “pain” I felt was definitely minimized. What I did feel did not scare me; it felt a lot more like pressure than anything else (my tailbone was making way for the baby, after all).

My little baby’s birth was perfect. My labor moved along the fastest and was absolutely pain free when I was “in the zone” with my husband using the prompts we had practiced. (It was not as pain free when the nurses kept bugging me for my blood pressure, etc. in the hospital–so distracting!!) I was so happy that I didn’t need drugs, especially when our little guy came to us so quickly and was so alert and happy.

Whether you end up birthing naturally or getting a little help from meds, hypnobirthing is a great method for a relaxing and peaceful birth experience.”


Tara Prestgard~

“LOVE HypnoBirthing. I had a traumatic experience with the birth of my first child and sought out HypnoBirthing for my second. It was amazing! I love the method, but really think my amazing experience with the program and my subsequent pregnancies and births had a lot to do with my instructor, Launi Anderson, and her class. She is truly caring and goes out of her way to help her students. I felt supported and respected. She helped me find a supportive care provider and gave me the tools I needed to have a safe, healthy, happy, calm, and drug-free birth. More than that, she continues that support and help as her students navigate the sometimes confusing and scary waters of parenthood. I recommend HypnoBirthing of Utah County to all those looking for an amazing preparatory class for child birth.”


Jamie Lewis~

“Launi is a great teacher. My husband and I looked forward to class every week! Hypnobirthing gave me the confidence to follow through with natural birth. I truly believe I was able to give my sweet girl the best possible start to life through safe, natural, intervention-free labor & birth!”


Kimberly Baker~

“We took this class just before our first child was born. It gave me the confidence and tools to have a natural birth and information to make informed decisions for myself and my baby. Launi is so supportive even after the class ends and the baby is born. I love this class and technique and plan to do this for all my children.”


Carol Kingston~

“The skills I learned from my Hypnobirthing course 8 years ago have been invaluable. Each of my 3 births were medication-free and rather humorous (to be honest.) I have used the relaxation techniques at the dentist, when I sprained my ankle a few months ago, and even when I find myself stressing out at home. The confidence I received in trusting my own body has completely changed the way I view myself. I now believe that every hospital Hypnobirth should include the nurses bringing you juice while you are in labor.”


Lorena Boothe~

“As a first time mom, I have loved taking this Hypnobirthing course from Launi.
I have always felt that birth was a natural process and knew there had to be more out there than the traditional hospital birth.
The education and wisdom shared by Launi have really helped me get over my fear of childbirth; which I didn’t really understand I had until her class. I now know my body is capable of natural birth and I have no fear of the unknown.
I now have so much more knowledge of how birth works, biologically, that I feel empowered and prepared for childbirth.

I would 100% recommend this class to anyone interested in starting a family, female or male. Expecting or not, the education provided in this class is incredibly useful.
The relation techniques are especially useful not just for pregnancy and childbirth but for those times when life brings stress.

My husband and I have benefited so much from this course that we will be referring EVERYONE we know.”


Danelle Larsen~

“Launi’s class is a must for all, not only seeking a natural, hypnobirth, but she offers knowledge and experience that is invaluable to child birth in general. She teaches so much that can be applied as a life skill and used for anything!! The class is fun because Launi has a great sense of humor and its very interactive. I have had two successful, all natural childbirths and am so grateful for the experiences I have had from this class. Thank you Launi!!”


Corinna Carlisle~

“Launi made our class fun and very informative. I enjoyed my delivery and we very happy I took her class! I will attend it again when we’re expecting our second!”


Andrea Kranenburg~

“My husband and I really enjoyed the program. As a first time mom it was wonderful to get so much helpful information in a stress free learning environment. Labor didn’t go exactly as I had planned, but the knowledge I gained through the HypnoBirthing program helped me to remain calm and confident during the whole process helping my baby and I to be healthy once the labor was complete. Thanks for everything Launi!”


Debbie Jensen~

“Launi did a professional class & was very knowledgeable in hypnobirthing. Also, she made the class fun & interesting. I would highly recommend her to any family or friends that are looking to do hypnobirthing.”